Transforming business with next generationpoint of sale for retail shops

The retail point of sale system helps to increase the efficiency and accuracy of maintaining the inventory with less operating cost. It helps for quick decision making with all the data available on a single screen. The re-order level is intimated by the POS which helps to maintain the stock with best inventory tracking. The POS also supports credit card processing, cash management, customer loyalty, labour scheduling etc which helps for making decisions.

Each employee is provided with unique job code or login ID which is used to assign system functions such as discounts, no sale, voids, price changes etc. Precise reports can be generated by the POS. The system supports quick checkout with integrated payment processing. The returns or refunds can also be tracked via POS. It can manage the cash register adjustments and staff changes throughout the day.

Based on the store location, the tax is calculated automatically. The stock is updated and synced automatically. Gift cards and discounts are supported by the POS software which makes the whole process handling to be simple and effective.


Features of retail POS

Unlimited products/variation

The DucePOS supports unlimited product listing or variations in the product which makes the whole process of retailing to be robust.

Printed/Digital receipts

The retail POS allows to take email, text, or printed receipts of the transaction. Digital receipts can also be viewed by the customers.


The customers can provide feedback on the service directly through email, SMS, or social media. This helps to improve the business.

POS peripherals

The POS software can be integrated with any POS peripheral such as receipt printers, cash drawers, card readers, barcode scanner etc.

Multichannel retail

The retail POS traces the buying preferences and purchase history of the customers which helps for cross selling and up-selling

Easy to use

The retail POS has an intuitive user interface with quick and accurate checkout process. It takes less time for the employees to get trained.


The retail POS produces proper reporting based on key performance indicator, sales, department/item, financial summary etc.

Loyalty programs

Retail POS helps to bring in repeat customers using loyalty programs. The loyalty points can be calculated automatically by the POS.

Theft prevention

Theft prevention features introduces accountability to the employees. Employee is provided with unique job code or login ID.

Benefits of retail POS system

  • Simple and easy to handle inventory
  • Online and offline processing
  • Unlimited product/variation support
  • Handle printed/digital receipts
  • Robust inventory management
  • Compatible with multiple hardware (printers, scanner etc)
  • Make a sale from anywhere using iPad, Android tablet and card reader
  • Support multiple payment methods like cash, card etc
  • Customer profile management to assist loyalty
  • Discount code and promotions via email
  • Speedy transaction process with secured payment methods
  • Sales reporting with key performance indicators
  • Social media to promote sales and receive feedbacks
  • Statistical reports on buying pattern and visits
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