Restaurant point of sale for remote table sideordering and billing

Restaurant point of sale is one of the best application to manage the orders and serve customers effectively from anywhere using the iPad/Android tablet. The cloud computing method along with usage of other wireless technologies makes the restaurant POS to be cost effective and affordable for providing customized service to the customers. Table side ordering is possible using the POS which allows the customers to provide orders or make any changes flexibly.

The billing is made easy with options for the customer to pay by cash or by credit/debit card. The cards can be swiped on the peripheral attached with the iPad/Android tablet. One can even sign on the tab which encourages paperless billing. It is also possible to take print out of the bills using the peripherals attached with the restaurant POS. Splitting of bills is also possible using the POS software. It is easy to track on customer orders and payments.

Customer loyalty programs can be introduced to the customers using the restaurant POS which handles the customer information precisely. Emails can be sent to the customers for providing updated offers and discounts from the restaurant.


Features of restaurant POS system

Wide support

The restaurant POS can be used for providing customized services at restaurants, bars, clubs, pizza huts, and other types of food service establishments.

Inventory control

The restaurant POS supports best inventory control with integrated online ordering for serving the customers in an effective way as well as increasing revenue.

Customized menus

The restaurant POS helps to provide apt service to the customers by providing customized menu with updated food item list with availability tracking.

iPad/Android tablet POS

The restaurant POS allows the waiters to take the order from anywhere using the iPad/Android tablet which has the connected software to update availability from kitchen.

Improved performance

Restaurant POS can be effectively implemented for independent or chain of restaurants with reduced order time and more table turns that attracts customers.

Loyalty program

The restaurant POS identifies each customer uniquely with options to provide special loyalty programs like frequent diner program, gift vouchers etc.

Wireless table side ordering

Restaurant POS allows to take online table side ordering using iPad/Android tablet which has full control over the inventory, real-time alerts, mobile management etc.

Affordable within budget

The restaurant POS can be established for a single restaurant or for multiple chain of restaurants using the unique software that is cost effective.

Pay at table

Customers can enjoy prompt service by paying at their table with flexible table side ordering, billing, and payment option via cash or credit/debit card.

Benefits of restaurant POS

  • Update food item details on the menu
  • Quickly process payment at table side
  • Take orders and modify the order with ease
  • Sign on screen option with paperless experience
  • Split bills quickly without any confusion
  • Send receipts via email or provide print outs
  • Integrated with peripherals to take prints or swipe cards
  • Real time reporting and analytics
  • Labor tracking and management
  • Save customer information to provide loyalty
  • Customized service to customers
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