Manage you cafe with customized point of sale application

Today it has become easy to manage coffee shop with cloud computing point of sale method. Cafe POS can streamline the business work flow and helps out in managing inventory system. You can find it more simplified order taking, extracting detailed sales report as well as managing your employees.

As its cloud computing all the data stored in cafe POS can be remotely managed and made high reliable. Payment system made easier which can be in form of debit/credit card. All have to do is to swipe the card on peripheral device attached with iPad/Android tablet. The high advantage is that splitting or canceling of the bill can be done anytime. Infact easy to track customer payment anytime.

This cafe POS is very much suitable for both the small and large shops. Its highly secured POS which prevents from unauthorized access to POS. Get a powerful and affordable POS offering complete features to run your cafe with reliable and secured way.


Features of cafe POS

Time saving

Allows to send coffee order from register to kitchen with our any delay. Order reaches instantly which increases the transaction speed. Type of coffee as requested is prepared.

Secured payment

Customer are flexible of paying in any mode can be credit card, debit card or cash. POS ensuring the most secured way of money transaction.

Extract sales report

The cafe POS allows you to extract the complete sales report on real time from wherever you are. Which allows you to give detailed layout on sales and way to improve.

Loyalty program

Cafe POS allows to identify the customers who are benefited for business. Providing them with special discounts, offers, gift vouchers, etc.

Inventory management

You get real time updated inventory management system to view and access the data. Which allows you to systematical manage needed for the business.

Enhanced performance

Implementation of cafe POS can enhance the performance of the business by reducing the order time and quick deliver of the coffee at their place.

Better customer service

Make your customers feel happy with Cafe POS. Also allowing customers to get contacted via POS application to get updated with order information.

Complete control over business

It allows you to have complete control over the business. There is no need for any extra person to look after. Cafe POS is responsible.

Sales history/statistics

The POS provides details of sales history over a period of time to understand the customer flow and identify the key products that are moving fast to promote the market

Benefits of cafe POS

  • Get instant update as its cloud based
  • Easy management of orders
  • Quick transaction process
  • Flexible payment gateway with credit / debit
  • Get connected with customers anytime
  • Track best selling coffee to enhance it
  • Powerful POS to manage your complete business
  • Saves time and get accessed remotely
  • User friendly dashboard
  • Loyalty programs can improvise business
  • Easy to cancel / split up the bills
  • Speedy payment processing
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