Manage your boutique with customizedpoint of sale application

Managing the boutique has become very simple and easy using the boutique point of sale which manages the products category-wise. The products can be added into the inventory with clear information about the material and size which helps to identify the product at the time of point-of-sale. The inventory is globally managed using the cloud computing technology such that sales can be made from anywhere in the store.

The payments can be made using cash or using debit/credit card using bar code scanning to identify the products. Sales reports or product inventory is made available at any point in time such that you can manage the business comfortably. Offline sale is supported where the inventory is synced with the centralized inventory automatically when it goes online. Integrated customer tracking helps to keep in contact with the customers for better loyalty programs.

Best support and services via email, phone, or Skype is provided for the POS software which makes it reliable to choose. You will be assisted right from POS integration to implementation. The dashboard is very much user friendly.


Features of boutique POS

Manage attributes

The boutique POS allows to manage the stock along with options to add attributes like size, color etc which makes it easier for grouping the products.

Inventory management

The complete inventory can be categorically managed by the POS with the products properly organized under custom category which is easier to handle.

Pricing option

The price for different products based on the material and size can be done by the POS which makes it flexible for selecting products & billing

Bar code scanning

Wide range of unique items can be identified at the time of point-of-sale by using barcode scanning which makes it simple to handle large database.

Flexible payment

Customers can pay using credit/debit cards or using cash. Billing can be made by just tapping on the product. Email receipts can be send to the user.

Identify best sellers

The POS for boutique allows to take custom sales report which helps for decision making and to identify the best selling items in the store.

Custom themes

The boutique POS allows to select custom themes for the application such that it suits your business and establishes a brand name and business style.

Cloud based

The POS is cloud based with options to handle fashion, clothing, apparel retailers etc from anywhere using iPad/Android tablet for billing and payments.

Statistics & reporting

The boutique POS provides good control over the business with customized reports and analytics which helps to identify the potential market.

Benefits of boutique POS system

  • Interactive POS software
  • Simple to handle products under categories
  • Cloud based software
  • Pricing based on size and material
  • Flexible billing with barcode scanning
  • Track sales, customers, and inventory
  • Improved purchase decision
  • Custom support and service
  • Rewards and gift card handling
  • Scalable with single to multiple store support
  • Printed or email receipts
  • User friendly dashboard with inventory control
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