Posh method of managing bookstore POSand inventory

Bookstore point of sale is one of the best option provided for the retailers, chain stores, and other small to large outlets. The bookstore point-of-sale software manages the inventory flexibly by maintaining the details of the book purchaser, book details such as title, author, price etc. Group pricing or discounts is possible by the POS which handles pricing based on customer level, members, students, faculty etc.

The POS helps to manage the books inventory to manage the book stock. Best compatible hardware can be integrated with the POS software. Upgrade can be done easily with simple terms to manage the store. The payments can be done via cash or credit/debit card with detail receipts which can be taken as printouts. Detailed reporting and analytics is supported by the bookstore POS which helps to grow the business.

Cloud computing makes the system to be crash-proof and highly recoverable. All the database is stored in the cloud server such that the inventory is managed remotely which makes the POS system to be reliable.


Features of bookstore POS

Book inventory

Details of each and every book in the inventory such as when it was received, when it was purchased, who purchased it etc can be tracked by the POS.

Maintain records

The details of book such as title, author, publisher, year, image on textbook, and other information related to books can be identified and stored via POS.

Book bundles

The books can be sold in package or book bundles such as textbooks, apparel, school supply etc which can be easily handled by the point-of-sale system.

Group pricing/discounts

Pricing may be handled for different groups such as library/club members, faculty, or students based on the customer level or group which is beneficial for customers.

Multiple attributes

The book supplies can be identified based on multiple attributes such as size, color, style with multi-dimensional inventory grid to manage them conveniently.

Book renting

Renting of books is made easy with bookstore POS which handles information on a single click. It allows to track the books given for renting with online inventory.


The bookstore POS displays the related books with auto-prompting which makes it easier for the customers to select the desired book for purchase or for rental.

Email marketing

The best campaigning via customized mails to customers can be established using the information gathered during point-of-sale to promote the books to the user.

Reporting tools

The POS supports reporting tools in order to monitor the sales trading information as well as manage the re-order level for the books that are in demand.

Benefits of bookstore POS system

  • Easy to use without much need for training
  • advanced functionalities with client-server design
  • Powerful SQL database with high scalability
  • Suit for booksellers, college stores, retailers etc
  • Stable dashboard to support customer information and orders
  • Synchronized inventory management
  • POS compatible hardware
  • Support best payment gateways such as credit/debit card etc
  • Detailed sales report and analytics
  • Special pricing or discounts for students/faculty
  • Support renting of books
  • Up-to-date details of each book such as price, title, author etc
  • Support targeted campaign via email marketing
  • Affordable and reliable bookstore POS system
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