Best bakery POS to establish wide-spread business

The bakery point of sale is a simple solution to streamline the workflow and manage the inventory. One can select the apt system that suits the best for their small to huge chain shops. Unauthorized access to the POS system can be prevented. The best suitable peripheral devices can be connected with the POS software such as ordering terminals, beverage dispensers etc

With Bakery POS it is very easy to manage the business from anywhere using the cloud computing method. The data is safe with cloud storage. It reduces the headache of upgrading everytime when the system goes out of space as cloud storage manages the data easily. An interactive POS is built which makes the work simple to handle the huge database with quick access. The customer information is received during point-of-sale which may be useful to promote the business with customized emails or through other campaigns.

Loyalty programs can be implemented using the information collected by POS system. Decision making is made easy with bakery POS which helps to integrate new features quite easily. Payments can be done flexibly using credit card, debit card, or cash.


Features of bakery POS

Track ingredients

The bakery POS maintains the inventory of ingredients such as flour, sugar etc that are used in making cookie, cake etc to show when the supplies run low.

Integrated/synced information

All the inventory details and customer information on the online store and the retail bakery is synced such that one gets up-to-date information from anywhere

Compatible hardware

The peripherals that are used for bakery POS system such as card reader to recognize credit/debit cards, bar code scanner to identify products on sale etc are integrated.

Centralized dashboard

The bakery POS tracks the sales both on online and in the retail store. It provides detail analytics and reports on the status of the shop to focus on the business growth.

Customer service

The customers can be serviced quickly using bakery POS as well as the customers can be contacted easily via the POS application to update the order information.

Secured cloud computing

The bakery POS system is implemented based on cloud computing method such that staff could access the application from anywhere which is more safe and encrypted.

Overall business control

The entire bakery business can be managed on the fingertips remotely using the POS software which makes it flexible for the business owner to track sales.

Manage offers

The bakery POS manages the up-to-date offers or discounts like buy one get one free, 50% off on next purchase etc which may be introduced based on sales strategies.

Sales history/statistics

The POS provides details of sales history over a period of time to understand the customer flow and identify the key products that are moving fast to promote the market

Benefits of bakery POS

  • Easy to use POS terminal
  • Cloud based POS
  • Manage inventory and control
  • Support sale based on weight or other units of measure
  • Manage the employees with time schedules
  • Recipe based inventory to track ingredients stock
  • Bakery POS supportive for single to large chain shops
  • Manage sales offers and discounts
  • Manage pre-ordering special items for special occasion
  • Payment via cash/credit card/debit card/gift card
  • Detailed reports on sales history and statistics
  • Manage customer database to send promotions
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