About us

DucePOS is an an application run under the brand of Technoduce Info Solution Pvt Ltd. It is a Point of Sales that can currently be installed in devices like tablets, androids and smart phones. DucePOS aims to reduce the amount of strain and time spent on recording, managing and updating information in Point of Sales. he application has a multi-use feature and can be used on different devices at the same time. The POS works in synchronization in both offline and online mediums.

Industries and business houses of different fields will find solutions to their individual needs and services, in this application. Running largely on cloud computing, the app can be accessed anyhwere, with just a touch of a swipe of the screen. The DucePOS has several trendy features, some of which are managing different data, tracking the progress of transactions and also keeping in constant touch with customers, for retaining their loyalty.

The application can be downloaded from the site, with special offers for the first-time registered users. Communication and feedback from customers is always welcome, and we are ready to address your needs 24/7.